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Dr. Jen Upshaw, PhD

Registered Psychologist, CPBC #2831

I'm Dr. Jen Upshaw, and I'm so glad you're here! Having a good "fit" with your therapist is one of the most important predictors of client progress in therapy. Read on to learn more about me and my training to see if I might be the right psychologist for you. 

Meet Dr. Upshaw

I am a registered clinical psychologist specializing in individual psychotherapy for adult clients. I have training in both neuropsychology and general therapy, so I tend to approach treatment quite holistically, honouring the contributions of both the "head" and the "heart" in the pursuit of mental health and happiness.


I tend to incorporate a lot of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in treatment with my clients - this is because I have a strong appreciation for the power of thoughts, and the similar power that comes with reclaiming some control over the ways we think and behave. From this side of things, we'll learn a lot about how the brain and mind work, how thoughts influence feelings and behaviours, and strategies and tools to change patterns that aren't helpful to our wellbeing. 

From a more heart-centered place, I always bring the strategies of mindfulness, acceptance, and emotion-focussed therapy to my work. This is where we'll work to explore and make space for your emotional experience, find self-compassion, and understand yourself more deeply. I want to not only provide you with information and tools that you can use to start feeling better, but also offer you a safe and supportive environment to explore your own thoughts and feelings and move yourself toward your goals. I fundamentally believe that my clients are good people who want to thrive and succeed, and that they are doing the best they can with the skills they have and the situations they find themselves in.

Above all, I want us to work together as a team. We'll spend lots of time collaboratively identifying your particular challenges, strengths, and goals for mental health. We'll also adapt treatment as we go, flexibly shifting to meet you where you're at. It is my honour to walk beside you on your mental health journey, but I always want you to feel like you're in control of where we go and what we do in treatment.


Education and Training

Dr. Upshaw completed her undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, the first part of her Master's degree in clinical psychology at Simon Fraser University, and her PhD in clinical psychology at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. She completed her residency with the Edmonton Consortium Clinical Psychology Residency Program, with placements at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital (brain injury) the Kay Edmonton Clinic (chronic pain), and College Plaza (general mental health & multiple sclerosis clinics). She has specific training and expertise in the following treatment areas: Anxiety Disorders, Depression and Mood Disorders, Chronic Pain, Post-Stroke & Traumatic Brain Injury Adjustment, Stress, Sleep Problems, Self-Esteem Issues, Grief & Loss, and Weight Management. 

Throughout her training, Dr. Upshaw has been honoured with awards and funding from a number of agencies including the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the Kidney Foundation of Canada, the Canadian Institute for Health Research, and the Canadian Psychological Association.


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